My initial thoughts on leadership


My initial understanding of leadership is based on personal experience, and the leaders I have encountered so far. Leaders such as teachers, lecturers,  principals, employers, team managers and coordinators. Few have been inspirational, some have been extraordinary.

For me, effective  leadership encompasses the following abilities, attributes and behaviour:

  • The ability to communicate effectively and confidently- to set clear goals and expectations; the ability to create a shared vision/common goal; to inspire and motivate followers.
  • The ability to understand people, have strong interpersonal skills –  show empathy, be able to listen, show diplomacy, nurture;
  • The ability to develop an environment based on trust by modelling respect, openness, honesty and integrity;  encourage new ideas, share information/knowledge and accept input.
  • Facilitates collaboration and teamwork; promotes collaborative decision making;
  • Supports and empowers all members of team – identifies strengths & weaknesses; mentors to guide, challenge and grow. Promotes & supports positive self development and behaviour; recognises effort and performance;
  • The ability to adapt to change (not be afraid to take risks or fail); move with or predict change/future trends; be positive/forward thinking; [Resilient];
  • Knowledge and expertise.

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