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ETL501 – The learning and teaching context of information resource provision


I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about commencing ETL501 -The learning environment. I know there will be so much to learn and my fellow colleagues are already posting some incredible thoughts and ideas to the forum – very inspiring!

Using Blooms Taxonomy Table to provide resources highlighted the following:

  • Learning objectives & questions (cognitive objectives) determine the type of resource required to provide the most appropriate information. In the Blooms Taxonomy table to “define” (knowledge/comprehension) directs one to reference materials like dictionaries, encyclopaedias, or specific information texts. Although there is a vast array of print and electronic resources available to us, certain resources become more or less appropriate at different stages of the research process e.g., resources required for knowledge and comprehension can differ in relevance considerably to resources required for synthesis and evaluation.
  • It is pertinent to match resources and activities to learning objectives and approach to learning (behaviourist/constructivist).  It is essential that the TL (Information provider/specialist) clearly understands the teachers approach to learning as well as the learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Questions, activities and resources need to suit age, different learning styles & capabilities of learner
  • Collaboration with teachers, involvement in planning, knowledge of curriculum = relevant, appropriate resources, support, enhanced learning and teaching.
  • There are now SO MANY online resources available – digital learning objects (Scootle), databases and journals, newspapers, images (Flikr), Video (Youtube, Vimeo, ClickView), Podcasts, Blogs/Wikis, Social networks, Apps, websites.