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More thoughts on information literacy


Firstly, although I find the reading interesting, I am  quite overwhelmed by the amount of writing and data available on the topic. Many theories make sense and many of the models would be useful. Which one do you choose? I agree with Herring (2006, p. 6), that schools need to clarify their views on information literacy, but what a difficult task when there are so many theories, definitions, processes, and models to consider. Like Herring I believe that information literacy, once there is a common understanding, should be developed across the school. There should be an information literacy policy that is regularly consulted, continually updated and applied across curriculum.

I am constantly trying to keep up with technology and what it means to be literate in the 21st century. I understand that to be literate today incorporates multiple literacies (digital/ICT, social, information, critical thinking). As a 21st century learner, one needs to be transliterate. Ipri (2010) describes transliteracy as having “the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media …” i.e. pen/paper, print, film/video, sound/audio, social media/web 2.0. [drawing, writing, signing, speaking, texting, typing, filming, recording]

At times I feel I have so much to learn about technology to keep up. Yet, I  find Lorenzo’s statistics fascinating – only confirming that ‘NetGeners’ are excellent users of technology but in terms of learning, generally don’t try to understand, think or care about where the information comes from.  I know that I have the advantage there and can see that one of my roles is to guide students to better understanding and use of the information available to them.